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Real-time traceability with GPS positioning


Traceability allows safe and reliable disposal
of contaminated soil.

TraceNet is a project management tool created in partnership with and for the environmental industry. The TraceNet platform allows the complete tracking of soil movement for each project, starting at the construction site, during its journey, all the way to the treatment facility to ensure a proper disposal.

TraceNet provides traceability, management
& geolocation of materials in real time


TraceNet uses artificial intelligence developed by WikiNet to give meaning to the large volume of data acquired by the application.

Helping you managing the project by allowing data driver decision.

  • Optimization of transport and sites management

  • Analytical reports

  • Mobile app

  • Easy integration with
    your daily processes

  • Anomaly detection

  • Certification


Take control of your environment

TraceNet allows stakeholders to establish beyond any doubt that their project respects eco-responsible practices while enhancing their business processes

Protect your company's reputation

  • Easily supervise all stages
    of your operations.

  • Systematically monitor the progresss
    of all you project in real time.

  • Ensure all stakeholders
    fulfill their obligations.

  • Certify that the materials reach
    the intended destination.

A Scalable Managing Tool


Take advantage of your data and make quick and data driven decisions
using TraceNet web based intuitive dashboard.

  • Interconnected platform allowing stakeholders to interact in real-time in one place.

  • Automated reports and data compilation.

  • Project Data accessible 24/7.

  • Security layers; selective data access based on user type.

  • Customizable dashboards.

  • Manifest management.

  • Possibility of developing tailor-made add-ons.