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About Us

WikiNet is a company specialized in the development of applications for the environmental sector. We collaborate with IBM/Watson, the world leader in cognitive computing, to create intelligent applications that can learn from data and support decision-making. We give the opportunity to environmental companies to innovate and distinguish themselves in a highly competitive market by expanding their expertise with the cognitive technology. We provide decision tools for environmental companies to identify the best solutions for environmental protection and to support economic development.

Our Approach

Decision Tools

Develop evolutive technological tools allowing companies to improve their efficiency in their field of expertise.

Cognitive Technology

Use the cognitive technology to exploit knowledge and information sources faster for structured and unstructured data.

Cloud Computing

Provide easy and secure access to information in the cloud and increase the rapidity of data processing.

Big Data

Create a technological platform which promotes collaboration and continuous learning and integrates a worldwide network of experts, knowledge, and data.

Cognitive Technology

Applications that can process natural language and learn from data to reveal insights.


Cognitive Tool for Smarter Site Remediation

WatRem is a new cognitive tool for the selection of environmental remediation technologies. WatRem is supported by the IBM-Watson cognitive technologie and improve its knowledge with machine learning process.

WatRem generated predictions very quikly by using a dynamic knowledge database which integrates several relialble data sources.

For more information about WatRem, meet the WikiNet team at booth 212, at the Salon international des technologies environnementales Americana, March 21 to 23, 2017 at the Palais des congrès de Montréal.




Conservation of the enterprise expertise in a collaborative mode, reduced processing time of scientific data, and development of new added value services.



Quick access to specialized information, regulation and environmental experts. Improvement of expert efficiency in a timely fashion.



Allow experts to quickly identify solutions to environmental problems and promote the use of efficient and cost-saving technologies.



Support economic development with the integration of efficient and sustainable development. Build a cleaner and smarter planet.

Our team


Marc Paquet, Chemist M.Sc.


As a chemist with a Master of Science degree in chemistry, I have 25 years of experience in the environmental sector, including 18 years in laboratories and 7 years in environmental site assessment. My expertise has also contributed to propose recommendations and technical advices in the management of special projects and for the interpretation of analytical results. My priority with WikiNet is to identify business opportunities in the environmental sector where the integration of new technologies will allow companies to improve their efficiency.


Daniel Fortin, eng.

Vice-president Strategic Partnerships

Daniel has held senior positions for more than 38 years in international companies such as IBM. He is an entrepreneur and the founding president of a company publishing software. He was business developer and sales and marketing vice president for several companies in small and medium-sized markets in North America (Canada and USA) and Asia. As a partner Daniel has been involved for over 20 years with IBM and is still in various advisory councils. My priority with WikiNet is to guide both the selection of technological solutions and the application development supported by the cognitive technology.


Amélie Rolland, M.Sc.

Software Architect

Software developer by profession, I also hold a Master of Science degree in Computer Science with a focus on machine learning and data analysis. My artificial intelligence expertise led me to develop predictive models for diverse companies respectively operating in the health, forestry, financial, and security sectors. My role within WikiNet consists in defining the interactions between Watson Services and our solutions, creating analytic and predictive models for the environmental sector, as well as developing the application and guiding the development team.


Mathieu Gagné

Data Engineer

As geological engineer with a master's degree in hydrogeology and geostatistics, I have 20 years of experience in the fields of environmental consulting and hydrogeology. I have carried out a large number of projects such as Phase I, II and III environmental assessments, site remediation and hydrogeological studies. In the framework of these various projects, I was particularly interested in the development of tools in the field of databases and geomatics. My role as a data engineer consists in selecting and validating the sources of information that feeds the applications in order to ensure the quality of the knowledge base that will be used to obtain predictions generated by the cognitive technology of IBM / Watson.

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Vice-president Strategic Partnerships


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